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' Create' Afternoon raspberry tea. 3:36 pm 7/22

My new tea mug ^_^ Hoping the simple word create with my tea will give me some daily motivation. 



CALLING ALL:  Black hair stylist, barbers and online store store owners (selling hair care products, custom T’s ,art, etc). will be the place to find new clients/customers.

We launch on August 15th but you can add a listing now (it’s free!) and everyone can take a sneak peak at the site.

If you don’t do hair you can still reblog and refer your friends who do hair!

The goal is to have 200 listings on the site by August 15th. Everyone who is on it by then will automatically be entered in a drawing for $100!

Also, a very big thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to the indiegogo campaign and to mphoenixxdesign for making such a niceee logo and homepage image :)

This is fantastic!!! BOOOOOOST!!!


i’m always seeing these girls with these beautiful ass breast and girls with this smooth skin and girls with these different colored eyes. and girls whose curls are always so perfect… along with their brows…

fuck that.

here’s to the girls that can’t master a twistout just yet. the girls with oily skin. and pimples here and there. girls with two week overdue brow appointments. the average girl who despite her disability still tries to feel beautiful. 


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CultureSOUL: “Tyrone (Live)” - Erykah Badu c. 1997

"See, every time you come around… you gotta bring Jim, James, Paul and Tyrone…"

Respect a diva when you see one. The sisters in the audience were seriously feelin’ this performance.

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bitch in the front in all pink dancing to 7 different songs

i never want this trend to die

wtf is this bullshit lol

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this was replayed by me more than 50 times

She’s my fav

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